My mom Lynn and I have something quite exciting to look forward to! Our first art show! And fittingly we are collaborating efforts and showing out work together!  

The show will take place January 9 - 22 in 2014 at Havana Restaurant at 1212 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC. It is a lively and fun restaurant in a great area of town. If you can make it to the opening January 6 from 4 - 7 pm we would love your support!

Now my mom, Lynn, does not have a website up and running for her work. So below I have put a sneak peek of her work for the show as well as a little bit of information about her. Her work is exceptional so be sure to check it out!

Lynn Zimmerman

Having been born and raised in the interior of BC I gained an appreciation early on for the natural beauty of landscape. In my 20’s I went to art school at Capilano College and  became a graphic designer. I later worked as a photographer and spent time photographing the ranch lifestyle of BC’s interior. I am now the owner of an art school in Bellingham. Here I have taught art for the last 15 years to developing artists of all ages. With the spare time that I have, I paint. Landscape has been my main interest and my attraction to the B.C. interior has been my focus. It' subtle beauty, bunchgrass textures, and freedom from fast passed lifestyles are like a breath of fresh sweet air.  The longing I hold for this place is hard to describe in words, paint works better.

Lynn currently runs a children's art school in Bellingham, Washington. Here is a link to the website www.bellinghamart.com


Etsy Prints!

I now have an Etsy site! Etsy is a website designed as a platform for artists and crafts people to sell their work. If you have never checked it out before it is a fantastic place to find gifts and other unique treasures.

I am now selling my paintings as well as my prints on it! Check out my etsy page by clicking here


Here come the cats!

Enough with all these dogs! I figured it was time to round it out and put up a couple more cat portraits. 

First we have Rudy, the regal Persian all the way from Louisiana! 

Next it's Fairmont and Euclide, the fluffy kitty brothers.

And last, but not least, meet Hayley, the lovely long haired!

Here is a process video of painting Muffin, the Tabby Cat. 

Check it out and share!  

Blue Period!

Recently blue backgrounds have been in high demand. Here are some portraits that I have recently finished.

From top to bottom we have Osi the Beagle/Boxer puppy, Charlie Girl the Chihuahua/Jack Terrier/Shitsu/ Weiner mix, and Riley the Bishon Frise.

"Like" me on facebook and save money!

Check out my page on facebook at www.facebook.com/emilyzimmerman.art 

Here you can find daily updates and special offers on pet portraits. 

Right now until the end of April "like" my page and receive $5 off your next portrait. Share the coupon on your page and receive $10 off!

Zuka the Wonder Weiner!

New painting for a client with a dachshund. He told me she is "the dearest thing I know of." I tried to capture that in her painting. 


Vancouver Pet Expo

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take part in the Vancouver Pet Expo! If you have never been it is at the PNE Forum and is a two day show completely dedicated to all things pets. I had a blast live painting all weekend. 

Thank you to Sonja at Pipsqueak Pups doggy daycare for having me at her booth. 


Process Here is a portrait I just completed of Matagi, an Akita. The pictures below show how a rough sketch turns into the finished piece. Stay tuned for Matagi's debut at Pipsqueek Pups Posh Daycare in Vancouver. 



This painting was done for a friend and client who lost her dog a few years ago to a car. She was a spunky and fun Anatolian Shepherd with many good years ahead of her. I hope that the bright colors and her smiling face help people to remember her as the bright spirit she was.

Sun Mask Restoration

In early February I re-painted a North Coast native "Sun Mask." It is a sculpture from the City of Bellingham's collection at the Big Rock Garden Park and can now be seen hanging on a structure there. The restoration work was sponsored by Sculpture Northwest, a non-profit organization with a mission to maintain and rase awareness of Bellingham's extensive public art collection. 

Thanks to programs like this for preserving and obtaining art for the public!

   Happy New Years! Here are some of the portraits that I did over the last year.


Baby Claire

This ink painting was done as a Christmas present for my boyfriend's sister's family who recently had their first baby. 

The photo that I had to work with was perfect! High resolution with lots of personality. And of course, very cute! 

These make great presents for families with new babies, or for a first birthday.

Back in Action!

After three months in Central America I am back to Vancouver and ready to go! We had a great time and I am newly inspired and ready to get painting. 

As always, send me an e-mail (em@emilyz.ca) or call me (778 227 5307) if you have any questions or are interested in having a painting done.



My boyfriend and I are off to Central America for a few months and most likely won't be back until January 2013. 

If you are interested in a painting please contact me anyways as I will still be responding to e-mails and we can always set up something for when I get back. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Pen & Ink

I am now offering custom pen and ink portraits. They make great wedding, graduation, anniversary, birth, or birthday presents! They are done on illustration board with black ink and brush. They come with a custom cut mat and I black frame.  

To get started all I need is a high resolution image. Contact me if interested. 


New Frames!

I now have new drop frames for paintings! If you are interested in a frame you will now have the option of either a black or brown wood frame. They do not have glass and the painting can be easily taken out if you would like to upgrade. 

Husky - Raider

Chihuahua - Mariah


Oakley & Gracey 

This was another painting done as a Christmas present, this one for someone up in Penticton, BC. The client asked to paint her sisters greyhounds, Oakley (who had recently passed away), and his buddy Gracey.

The picture that she sent to work from was PERFECT! It made the whole process easy and fun.

Talulah & Pal 

One of my best friends, Laura, asked me to paint her two dogs for a fathers day gift. These guys are Talulah and Pal, both Bernese Mountain dogs. 


This one was done as a birthday present for a client's husband. She wanted their family goldendoodle for their wall. 


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